The culinary experts in Illagio  state-of-the-art kitchen believe, like many of our guests, that successful wedding receptions, social events, and corporate gatherings require two essential ingredients: exquisite food and uncommonly great service.

Because Illagio cuisine is all prepared in-house (courtesy of Divine Food & Catering), the venue’s chefs and service coordinators can control every aspect of a meal’s preparation and delivery, from sourcing the freshest ingredients to making sure every dish is served on schedule and with a professional flair. Clients may choose from one of our popular preset menus or build their event’s culinary selections from scratch – at Illagio, there is no custom menu we can’t create and no dining preference we can’t accommodate.

We are here to serve you!


Food & Catering

Employing New York’s most innovative culinary masters, creative bartenders, and polished service staff, Divine Food & Catering will elevate any wedding reception, social event, or corporate function with an extensive array of culturally-inspired selections and customized service options. Prior to your event, Divine’s knowledgeable team will develop a tasting menu based on your individual preferences, then work closely with you to finalize a unique menu that perfectly complements your occasion.

Regardless of which dining options (or combinations of options) you choose, we guarantee that Food & Catering’s experienced managers and proficient service staff will execute every request to your exact specifications.